High Quality Solutions Customized to Meet your Needs


With respect to prime brokerage services and the safekeeping of client assets, we offer high quality solutions customized to meet our clients’ needs. We employ the platform and comprehensive clearing and custody services of Raymond James & Associates, one of the nation’s leading diversified financial services firms. Its client-first focus translates to tailored solutions for institutional investors, including the ability to trade away on margin, execute short sales, and conduct away block trading – and timely and responsive service and support. Efficiency and accuracy are emphasized in each of its offerings, including clearing, settlement, asset servicing, reporting, foreign exchange and more.

Our investors also enjoy simple and secure access to their portfolio data, as well as robust reporting capabilities. You can monitor the details of your investment positions and transactions in one place using a consolidated view that facilitates record-keeping.

With a custodian that adheres to high standards for efficiency and risk management, you can meet the challenges of investing in today’s evolving markets.

our services include:

  • Prime brokerage services, including the ability to trade away on margin, execute short sales, and conduct away block trading

  • Securities processing and settlement

  • Asset safekeeping

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Foreign exchange

A Strong, Stable Custodian

Investors trust Raymond James & Associates to safeguard assets and accurately execute transactions because of its demonstrated financial integrity, strength and stability. Founded in 1962, the firm has maintained a steady focus on conservative management, a commitment to superior client service and holds the knowledge, experience and expertise to help meet your custody needs.

Detailed Reporting

Access the specifics of your custody transactions through a secure online portal that is easy to navigate and available when you need it. Should you ever have an issue, our support team is ready to assist. We aim to provide service that exceeds your expectations.

This information was developed by Raymond James. It is general in nature, and is intended solely for the purpose of illustrating conceptually how a particular estate planning technique might work, based on various assumptions. Whether the planning technique is appropriate for you will depend on your goals and your specific situation. This is not a complete statement of all information necessary for making an investment decision, and is not a recommendation or a solicitation to buy or sell any security. Investments and strategies mentioned may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Raymond James does not provide advice on tax, legal or mortgage issues. These matters should be discussed with an appropriate professional.

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